September 9, 2014

Great Plains Road Trip

The August road trip to Deadwood, South Dakota (extreme tourist trap), Glacier National Park (heavenly scenery) and Billings, actually Crow Agency, for the Crow Powwow (An inspiring gathering of the tribe.) 

An entirely too short 9 days. A story of hell--Deadwood-- and long hours behind the wheel that brought redemption in the soul-stirring State of Montana. Could have easily spent a month. 

Bonded with the Subaru as the little 4-wheel-drive tramp stretched out all day at high speeds over the endless vistas of the Great Plains. Ms. Wiggy Boots fed me pringles and water all day and we stopped to dine on the finest of fast foods and convenience store burritos. (Wiggy still talks about that KFC buffet in North Dakota, or was it Minnesota?) We had all manner of nasty food like snickers and Trader Joe's cookies and so forth. To be cont.

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