May 31, 2007

Tibetan Monks from a tantric college in India create a sand mandala on May Day 2007 at Gokokuji Temple in Tokyo, it was cool they are a great bunch of guys, met them a couple of years ago when they did a Mandala at a gallery in the Tokyo International Forum. Tough to get the photos because unlike past years a bunch of zealot obatarians were determined that no photos were to be taken. The bad vibes they generated made the calm spirituality of the monks stand out all the more.

May 8, 2007

Tokyo Mongol fest in 4 fotos

Mongolian popstar Narantuya (center) with dancers
The Man--Kyokushuzan--a great sumo guy from the steppes just before retirement, the O.G.ster hisself ... and Gana my Mongolian teacher and good pal, all this happening in the sticks of Tokyo in Hikarigaoka on April 29-30. Mark the calendars for next year.

Slightly more wholesome, a graceful Mongolian dancer. You had to be there ..